SECRET COLOURS - Places I'm Going (Official Video)

"Places I'm Going" by Secret Colours
"Dream Dream" released July 7, 2017. 

Music video by KBR Creatives (Kelly Fleming, Bethany Puterbaugh, Rachel Ruttle)

Engineered by Dan Duzsynski at DandySounds Studios
Produced by Secret Colours and Dan Duzsynski
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering

Secret Colours Music LLC © 2017

Welcome Back - DROUGHTS // Emulsion LIVE

B Cam for Emulsion Lab Chicago

I Was Cruel - LETTERING [Emulsion Live]

B Cam for Emulsion Lab 

Finally - RUST RING [Emulsion Live]

B Cam for Emulsion Lab

See, This is Why you Don't Dive Bomb - JOB [EMULSION LIVE]

B Cam for Emulsion Lab Chicago

EGO BOY - Basement Family // Emulsion LIVE

B Cam for Emulsion Lab Chicago

Sharon's Story

All Chicago helps 3,000 Chicago residents who are homeless each year through the 'Emergency Fund'. Sarah's Circle is one of their partner non-profits who work with over 1,000 Chicago woman a year in the homeless space. What Matters Productions teamed up with both these amazing organizations to tell 'Sharon's Story'. The film debuted at All Chicago's annual fundraising event 'Handbags for Homes' June 22nd 2017. Sharon was a joy to work with! 

Director/Writer | Quinn Wilson
Cinematographer/Editor | Sean Kelly
B Camera / A.C. | Kelly Fleming
Production Team | Kelsey Bunner, Katie O'Reilly


B Cam for Emulsion Lab


B Cam / Behind The Scenes Photographer 

Emulsion Lab Chicago

Deep Fayed: Make It Through feat. Rising Over Envy

@ North Bar 


Deep Fayed: SMMF (Hiatus Kaiyote) - Sea Lion Woman w/ Catherine Poulos
Deep Fayed: New Album Campaign + EPK

My first video production for the Deep Fayed album campaign.  

Shot by: Kelly Fleming Photography

Edited by: Kelly Fleming Photography and George Wundsam of Deep Fayed

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